As outlined in our Process, an M&A advisor fulfills many important roles that are critical to a successful transaction. Put simply, selling a company requires an intensely focused process over a relatively short period of time to maintain buyer interest and keep the deal moving forward. One of the biggest reasons for deal failure is lack of follow-through with prospects and/or what we call “deal fatigue,” which is when the process drags on without purpose, loses momentum, and ultimately stalls for lack of interest. A good M&A advisor keeps the process on track and holds buyers accountable for timely decision-making.

In addition, selling your company can be an emotional and stressful time for the owners. A professional M&A advisor ensures the process is coordinated smoothly, with arms-length contact between buyer and seller to minimize potential conflicts. The biggest mistake an owner can make is to neglect his business while it is being sold, causing revenue and profits to erode. This is a sure “deal-killer,” as no one wants to buy a business perceived to be in decline.