Acquiring a Business

Take the Guesswork Out of Buying a Business

“The process of buying a business is far more complex than other large transactions. You are not just buying a brand or service, you are buying a business model, a management team, physical and/or real estate, goodwill, and other intangibles, and a stream of revenue and cash flow (or profits).” — Jeffrey Potts, Founder, Gold Country Advisors

Gold Country Advisors takes the guesswork out of buying a business. We locate and target as many “best-fit” businesses for sale as possible on our clients’ behalf. These opportunities are grounded by our financial analyses and valuation services to provide critical guidance throughout the buying process, so you feel confident in your investment decision.

Advantages of Buyer Representation

Our services explore all “best-fit” options available in the market. Locating multiple, high-quality businesses for sale is an exhaustive process, but yields distinct advantages over buying on your own:

  • Gold Country Advisors is in a more favorable position than you are to approach owners who may be complacent to exit, but will take a reputable M&A advisor more seriously than a buyer that approaches them directly.
  • Buyers approaching a seller directly lose leverage in negotiating the transaction, as it may appear you have fewer options if you have not enlisted a “Buy-Side” M&A advisor who is presenting multiple other options to you.
  • Through our professional affiliations and contact networks with other M&A advisors and owners, many of which don’t publish their best offerings for sale on general advertising channels, we increase your odds of successfully finding a business that suits your needs.
  • Gold Country Advisors is in a more objective and authoritative position to educate the business owner as to the value of his business in the current market than an individual buyer would be. Our access to comparable deal transactions and knowledge of how different businesses/industries are valued brings credibility to the valuation process.

Once an ideal target business has been identified, we work closely with our client-buyer to advise him or her on the value, draft the letter of intent, negotiate the transaction, assist in due diligence, work with attorneys and accountants, and manage the process to a successful close.