From Our Clients

Parrish Stanton, former owner, Sierra Home Alternatives, Placerville, CA

“Working with Jeff Potts at Gold Country Advisors was a great experience. Jeff took the time to learn about our specialty retail business, giving him the necessary insight to put together a great business prospectus. He stayed in contact with us during the entire process, updating us regularly on advertising efforts and potential buyer communications. We could not have sold our business without the support and guidance that Jeff provided. We would highly recommend Gold Country Advisors if you are planning to sell your business.”

Lance B. Lester, former owner, Inter-Mountain Truss Company, Inc., Oakdale, CA

“Jeff Potts of Gold Country Advisors has exceeded all of my expectations as a manufacturing business owner selling his business. From our first visit to the signing of the final documentation, Jeff made it extremely comfortable. Jeff’s expertise in sorting out the (looky-loos) and bringing the right buyers to the table was pure Genius. I would (and have) recommended Gold Country Advisors to any owner looking to sell their business. Thank You Jeff Potts!”

Tony Bedi & Anil Pisharody, UB Group.

“The best thing about Jeff of Gold Country Advisors, is how competently he conducts himself during negotiations between the parties in a business purchase/sale transaction. He provides his expertise & guidance on all the due diligence documents, advises on the business valuation & then keeps a lower profile when the final values are being negotiated by the buyer & seller. Jeff also has a consistent track record of successfully closing transactions. We would not have any hesitation to call again in the future, should a need arise”

Jean-Claude Avenel, former owner of Cases Plus, Lincoln, CA

“Jeff Potts is the consummate professional. He managed to take our small manufacturing company and market it to one of the largest multinational packaging companies in the US and close the deal. Because of Jeff’s research and astute market analysis, it was a win-win for both the buyer and the seller. His expertise helped us obtain the highest possible price while other brokers valued our company at one-third the selling price. You could find a bigger brokerage firm, but you’ll never find a better one than Gold Country Advisers.”

Don Willis, former owner, FutureWorld Technologies Inc.

“My experience with Jeff Potts and Gold Country Advisors was positive and professional. Jeff sought out buyers from all over the country and provided me with pros and cons for each buyer. Jeff facilitated all aspects of the pre-purchase meetings and negotiations, which allowed me to focus on keeping the business running. Jeff has extensive experience as a business broker. This was demonstrated by how quickly Jeff was able to answer my questions and address my concerns. Jeff worked to complete the transaction quickly once potential buyers were identified. Gold Country Advisors will be my first choice for a future business sell.”

Mike Frampton, former owner, Melting Pot Sacramento

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Jeff and Richie, from the time I first met Jeff, when I was thinking about selling, through some time-consuming negotiations, to the final closing of the sale. The team have always been professional, providing great advice and direction, and most importantly patience. They created a great sales document and qualified multiple interests, allowing me to continue to concentrate on my day-to-day business. Finally producing a qualified candidate and kept both myself and my buyer on track until completion. Could not have done it without Gold Country Advisors.”

David and Kathy Werum, Werum Enterprises, Inc.

“When we decided to retire, we retained  Gold Country Advisors to sell our business. They met with us to evaluate our business and to determine if they thought it would be salable before we incurred any expenses. After we signed a contract, they immediately began to work, writing a booklet to describe our business and industry to prospective buyers. They were able to bring us multiple offers for our business. Overall, we felt that they were knowledgeable, dependable, and effective. When escrow closed, we were very happy to be able to celebrate the sale of our business w and the beginning of our retirement.”

Lance Gartner, former owner, Repo Remarketing, Inc.

“Jeff Potts’ experience and advice in guiding us through the complex M&A process were invaluable. This strategic alignment will allow us to realize new opportunities immediately. I highly recommend Jeff’s services to anyone considering selling their company.”

Jason Stephens, former owner, Extreme Auto Recovery, Inc.

“As the owner of one of the largest auto repossession companies on the West Coast, I knew the time was right to sell my business. There were strategic buyers that had expressed in interest, but I was smart enough to realize I did not want to engage myself in direct negotiations. I had a business to run and needed advisors I could trust to explore a confidential sale of my company. I hired Gold Country Advisors to assist me, and I am glad I did. They put together a very professional presentation on my company, and spent many months identifying, contacting, providing info, and negotiating with potential buyers. In the end, Gold County Advisors found the right buyer, and secured the best possible price for my business, all while keeping me informed every step of the way. The fee I paid for their services more than paid for itself, and I couldn’t have done it without them. Highly recommended!”

Harold Fuson, Executive Vice President, The Copley Press, Inc.

“Copley News Service had been part of the Copley family of businesses for over half a century. As a purveyor of news and features to a long international client list, CNS had a unique and prominent profile in the news industry. (M&A advisor) Jeffrey Potts did an excellent job of positioning this unique enterprise for sale and skillfully managed the process to a successful conclusion. Mr. Potts, is creative, flexible, knowledgeable, and a fine teammate in a stressful game.”

Doug Martin, founder/former owner, Wine Country This Week, Napa Valley, CA

“The presentation booklet that you devised was very thorough and clearly represented my business operations. Your level of contact and matching their interest with my business was extremely well-executed. The time period from inception to purchase was rather quick and speaks volumes of your firm’s professional organizing skills.”

Mike Wenninger, former owner, Trinity Journal of Weaverville, CA.

“Jeffrey Potts knows how to sell businesses. He can sell yours. He does a superb job of presenting your business to prospective buyers, and he keeps you from wasting time on people who will just string you along for who knows what perverse reason. Jeff always keeps in touch, follows through, and counsels you to be patient. When the right buyer comes along, Jeff makes them feel good about their adventure in buying your business. And he expedites the sale/purchase agreement. And the icing on the cake: Jeff’s a nice guy.”

George Robertson, former owner, The Sun of Sheridan, OR.

“If there is one word to describe Jeffrey Potts it would have to be “persistent.” He talked to many potential buyers for us and after we sifted through the offers, he helped come up with a financial package to help the buyers close the deal. He was able to work efficiently with accountants, lawyers and bankers to help us get through this complicated process. I am happy to say that the new owner is very pleased with the business; the community has welcomed him with open arms so there has been a very smooth transition. After owning this business for nearly 30 years I didn’t want to turn over my “baby” to just anybody. Thanks to Mr. Potts, I was able to find someone as dedicated as I.”

Pete Crow, former owner/publisher, The Grove Sun Newspaper Co. LLC of Grove, Oklahoma.

“I’m proud to say Jeff became my friend over the five years we worked, off and on, on my sale. I offered my businesses for sale twice (the first time I withdrew the properties for personal reasons). His presentation book both times was so good I was tempted to buy my company myself! Jeff was particularly skilled in finding and qualifying potential buyers and then skillfully negotiating and maximizing my sale price, including the all-important allocations. If you’re considering selling, talk to Jeff. If you decide to sell, use him.”

Alex and Debbie Paul, former owners, The New Era of Sweet Home, OR.

“Working with Jeff Potts was a pleasure. He took time to get to know us and the type of person or company we hoped would not only want our business but would also become valued members of our community. Jeff put together a sold prospectus and included us every step of the way. He also kept us informed regularly concerning contacts he made or planned to make. He was never pushy or tried to steer us away from our goals. When the time came to make the sale, Jeff was very professional, and we believe fair to both parties.”

Dave Ehrhardt, former owner, Rogue River Press, Rogue River, OR.

“We were very pleased to work with this firm. In particular, we found Jeffrey Potts to be very professional as he worked to create an appealing sales presentation about our business. Once a potential suitor was found, he worked diligently with them until our transaction was complete. Jeff kept me informed through every step of the process and valued my input in closing a deal that was good for me.”